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Thursday, November 18, 2004

My next notebook computer, hopefully

The next to be ready Hewlett-Packard zd8000 seems to be what I am looking for. However, it is still unclear if it will fulfill all my wishes. For instance, I think the mention of "plain" Firewire means it will not have Firewire 800. Also, there is no mention of Bluetooth. PCI Express is great to have, though. I hope the double layer DVD burners will be of the fastest when available. I also want it to be compatible with the new xb2000 expansion base.

Can I also ask for a reasonable price?

UPDATE: In the 3D demo in the store, it says optional Bluetooth and included Wireless b/g. It also says it comes with Expansion Port 2, so I guess it is compabible with the new dockstation. Nice.


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