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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Apologies accepted?

Pablo from USA sent me the link to the new (now old), which is an
answer to

On one side, there is still some confusion about the elections. Some say there is going to be a recount in Ohio, and that perhaps they will find some proof of manipulation. Whatever the outcome is, I doubt we will see the extreme right out of the power in USA for the next four years.

If you are a liberal American reading this, let me say that apologies are both too much, and not enough at the same time.

In any civilized country people have the right to give themselves a government. In any civilized country in which a party wins 51% vs. 48%, that winning party is not allowed to do whatever it wants. Any civilized country knows that its laws only apply inside its territory, and the government is not over the law. Outside its territories other countries laws apply, and when law doesn't cut it, you have to do what the United Nations say. Otherwise it is illegal. Any civilized country knows that its real wealth resides in the well informed minds of its people. In any civilized country all people can vote regardless of color, genre, cultural background or geography.

So if you want to look for once like a civilized country you know where to go: You fight for direct democracy. You make a formidable opposition in Congress and retake the power Congress has given up, and the more. You watch against brain washing in the media, and against violence in Hollywood movies that are supposedly for children. You apologize to the United Nations and help re-strength the effective power of the Security Council. You hand Iraq to the United Nations. You abolish electronic vote until it is really safe. You give national vote to Puerto Ricans.

And yes, you need to do most of it during the next four years, while the extreme right is in power. Otherwise, it is to your children that you will probably need to apologize.

Thanks to the other Pablo in Argentina for the Iraq In Pictures link.


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