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Thursday, November 04, 2004

A9 uninstalled

It really got impossible to use. There was no way for the toolbar to get notified that I was logged in, so no history, no bookmarks, no diary, etc. As a user, I qualify myself from average to bad. I really don't want to troubleshoot their piece of software. Enough I have with troubleshooting development tools and frameworks.

Then I went back to Google's toolbar, which is nice because of the BlogThis button. But after a while, I decided to disable browser enhancements altogether. No toolbars, no BHOs, no acrobat in a browser, but it makes Internet Explorer fly on startup, and it crashes way less also. No need for FireFox! Windows Explorer becomes very fast too, which was expected because of the way browser enhancements work.

I switched my home page to Google, after a couple of years of using "about:blank".


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