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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Should I blog in Spanish?

If I remember well, first time I saw Figuraciones it didn't have a comments facility, and Juan Alberto was by then bloging anonymously (I might be wrong, though). I remember I mentioned in my own blog how cool it was to find it to me, and how I was able to guess a lot about this guy just from the name of his blog and from reading a few entries. By the same time I found other cool blogs in Spanish, some of then written by other Argentineans, like Resacas.

There is no question I relate deeply to the culture in which blogs like those grow and flourish. But it is not less true that I also relate to other people like the Microsoft bloggers I read (by the way I found through Orkut that Don Box and Omri are Robert Fripp fans!).

There is no question, either, that I have some unresolved issues with my own national identity. I am both proud and ashamed of being Argentinean.

I still think it was a good thing to start bloging in English. I could not have had a greater chance to practice my writing skills. So I intend to continue writing in English in this blog.

However, if I could found the time and energy, I would probably create a separate blog in Spanish. I could never write such cool things as others in any language, anyway.

So guys, you are all my heroes, and I intend to keep being as eclectic as I can.


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