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Monday, May 10, 2004

Blogger was relaunched, Blogging from Aquarium was relaunched too

Yesterday Blogger was relaunched. Within a day I wanted to do the same, by trying one of the new default templates. I don't know a lot about design, but I think I can recognize when something is well designed. Hope you like it.

Blogger has now nice new features, but it is still not the complete experience, so I had to do some adaptations. I did it by copying both my old template and the new template to text files and comparing. It is still probably not working completely, so if you see any bug or if you see some old functionality that is not included, please, drop me a comment.

So far I like the new Blogger. The only glitch I found was when trying the "post pages" feature. Republishing the entire blog using "post pages" often gets in a retry loop and timeouts, perhaps due some database related problem.


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