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Sunday, May 09, 2004

Peter's petition to improve Hotmail (and my own takes)

Peter asked me to join his petition. Despite his somewhat extreme rhetoric, I think he is right. Hotmail needs more improvement than just a face lift.

Regarding the frame thing, I would like to hear the counter arguments, but unless there is an obscure security reason I cannot figure out, I think it is ok to ask the frame out.

But I am more interested in other challenges Hotmail faces. Because of GMail, Hotmail will need 1 GB really soon. I have no clue how are they going to do this, but they will have to find out some kind of magic.

Storage limits in both free and paid Hotmail accounts are being rendered obsolete by the competition.

Same could be said about MSN groups storage. I am lucky and I have 30 MB from the old days, but this is nothing for digital photography.

Back to the short term stuff, I already complained about JavaScript links in the last Hotmail redesign. By accident, or not, that got corrected in a few days after my most. Message links were changed back to simple hypertext links. But a few days ago I noticed the nasty JavaScript links are back. I don't know why they need them to be JavaScript links. They don't work when I shift-click to open the message in a new window, which for me is very inconvenient.

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