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Sunday, May 09, 2004

Lost in Orkut

A few days ago Peter Caputa sent me an invitation to join Orkut. Thanks Pete, that was super cool! I have been curious about social networks since some bloggers I ussually read began "bitching" about it.

Actually I found that Robert had already added me to his friends list, but I never received his invitation.

So far Orkut is so exciting that it made me stop blogging in my spare time. It must be because all of the geek celebrities that are inside, and the weird feeling of community. Although, it is a metalic cold feeling of comunity, it is not worse than what the Internet was ten years ago.

I am still trying to grasp Orkutiquette. For instance, if I have exchanged some messages in an email list with somebody like Omri, should I ask him to count me among his friends? I have no clue. I keep people I admire, like him, in my bookmarks, but I am too shy to try something more risky.

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