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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Happy to hear about Brian Harry again

As almost everybody else, I learned today about the Visual Studio Team System. Great news!

A few minutes ago I found through Wesner Moise's blog this article in Eric Sink's blog (for whom those are not so good news). There I read that Brian Harry is the guy in charge of Hatteras, the new enterprise-class source control system being developed by Microsoft.

All in all I am happy to hear again about Brian Harry. I first heard about him in the good old days of the DOTNET list. He was one of the fine guys from Microsoft that actually cared to answer my naive questions. Then I saw him in one video from MSDN TV, but lately he vanished completely. From time to time I google his name and I only find about his past work. I must say I was a little worried.

Now that he can talk about Hatteras, I hope he will get his own blog soon!

Actually, last time I saw his name was in the source code of a program I needed to recover the admin password of some old VSS database (that was of course mine). His name was part of the seed for the password hashing code ;)

By the way, I hope Eric Sink's business is going to be ok. I think it will.


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