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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Family picture

My profile picture comes from this photo. It was taken on March 7th, 2004, in the community of Los Calabazos, Dominican Republic. From left to right, Adriana, Martín, and me. Oh yes, you can find cold places in the Dominican Republic, but you must go to the mountains.

I had no idea I could publish pictures in Blogger using this Hello software. It is made by a company called Picasa, and it looks very high quality so far. To publish pictures to Blogger it uses BloggerBot, which in turn seems to use standard Blogger APIs.

What is not standard about this program is that Picasa made some deal with Google, so Blogger provides the image hosting even for users of the free Blogger services.

The only glitch so far is I cannot find a way to delete a picture I sent by mistake from Not that I worry about 150 KB.

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