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Sunday, May 23, 2004

Microsoft Software Assurance Idea

It has been raining for more than 24 hours in Santo Domingo. It has been a good day to play with my son at home and for reading a book I bought yesterday. All in all, it seems to be a good day to tell Microsoft what to do before I go to sleep ;)

I have read that many times lately about Microsoft's Software Assurance customers being dissatisfied for the value they get for their 3-year contracts. This is not to say that Microsoft hasn't done a lot to add value to SA, but people really expected the next version of Windows to be included.

My idea is simple: What if Microsoft gives them free licenses of ISA Server 2004 once the product is ready? Of course this would apply only to companies that don't already own ISA Server 2000 with SA. I have been running ISA Server 2004 beta for some time at my office and I think it is a great product. It is an easy to use, flexible, powerful and high quality firewall product. They are finally getting it really well!

I think that giving it to SA customers would help Microsoft spread the news about their security focus, at the same time it would help fill the gap of SA customer satisfaction.

Ok, just a crazy idea. But, what are blogs for?


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