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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Mac Voyeurism

I found this interesting Wired News article about Mac Voyeurs in a Windows World thru ActiveWin.

These paragraphs in particular is very interesting:

"They are intensely interested in knowing everything about how the Mac works. These people tell me -- almost emotionally -- how important they think Macintosh is. They usually say something like, 'It keeps Microsoft honest' or 'Bill Gates stole all his good ideas from Apple.'"

And there's one other thing about these folks, and this explains the voyeur part: They absolutely, positively, would not under any circumstances ever buy a Mac.

Well, maybe I am not exactly a Mac Voyeur, but I feel the second paragraph is a little unfair. I will never forget the first time I had a chance to enter a shop full of Apple products. That same day I decided I were going to buy a Mac. Of course I want to buy the best, so I will have to wait until I have plenty of money.


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