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Thursday, April 15, 2004

JavaWorld Editors: Sun without McNealy?

Jennifer Orr, editor of JavaWorld, has an interesting take on the Sun - Microsoft deal.

Her thinking could represent the point of view of the Java devotees (or should I say Sun dittoheads? ;). They feel defeat and dizziness.

My own take is that McNealy created his rhetoric for everybody else to believe it, not for himself.

Microsoft has always been a threat for Sun business model, so he came up with the idea of distilling some FUD. Pretty original! In more than one sense Microsoft was for Sun what Linux is for Microsoft.

But McNealy knew all the time that Sun and Microsoft are just companies, “neither good nor evil in their nature”, but really needing hard revenue.

He knew all the time that what Microsoft was doing with their Java Virtual Machine was just business. But he still pushed and pulled really hard and what did he get?

He got almost 2 billion dollars for Sun. Not bad, eh?

McNealy has showed how smart he is! Respectful applause! Now I cannot think of anybody better for the task.


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