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Sunday, April 25, 2004

I made it to GMail! Now what?

Having 1 GB to play in a free and fully googable email server is a great thing. But I have had accounts in and Hotmail for years. Everybody I know have my addresses. So, from a business perspective, what would Google need to really make me switch to GMail? Well, basically everything MSN and Yahoo give me, and then some more:

1. Have an instant messenger integrate with my GMail account.
2. Aggregate my other POP3 (and probably HTTPMail accounts).
3. Let me upload 10 years of emails in PST and text files (in the ancient times a friend provided me access to email thru UUCP, and I keep my archives).
4. Write a transport provider or an add-in for Outlook that lets me keep my local email client synchronized (I was about to ask for POP3 access, but if this is not an option...).
5. Integrate with Plaxo or do something like Plaxo does.

I seems that Google wants to go a step at a time. They must be worried for the privacy groups reaction right now. So, would they want to have a unfied login facility like Microsoft Passport? I guess some of the features I mention are in the plans and others are being purposedly avoided.


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