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Sunday, October 12, 2003

Top ten reasons I started my own blog?

Well, I still need to think about it, but here are a few:

1. I want to practice my written English. I guess I could write my blog in Spanish, but that would take half my motivation away.

2. Lately I spend more and more time online reading blogs. I am beginning to feel the need of participating in the conversation. I am the kind of person that could never keep a blog. When I write email, even a quick reply, I usually review what I write at least five times. Many messages don't get sent at all, and sometimes I am left with the feeling that what I wrote should have been avoided. When I talk, it is the same, only that I have to decide faster. It is a refreshing challenge to do what I wouldn't normaly do.

3. I have heared that Microsoft is hiring every guy that has a blog, works with Web Services and knows .NET. The downside is that you need to be kind of super expert in those matters, and you need to be an ENTJ or at least an INTJ personality type. I am just a beginner with .NET and Web Services, and I am definitively an INTP type. I guess most INTPs in Microsoft triple my I.Q. and work in the Theory Group at Microsoft Research. Anyway, now I know that it is just a matter of kissing the right person to get in ;)

4. Once in a month or so I have an opinion about something that is not related to computer technology at all. It can be about some music I like or dislike, about a website that I found, about some political event that scares me, something I saw in the street or even more rarely, a book I want to read. I like the idea of keeping track of my thoughts, so I can remember who I am, moreless.

5. I live far from my parents, far from my brother and sister and their families, far from many relatives and friends I love. I live far from almost everything but my son, my wife and some new great friends. I thought that writing a blog could help me get more together with those people, but I am not sure this will work. At least they will have some fun reading it translated to Spanish by Google or Altavista.

Well, I cannot think right now of reasons 6 to 10. At least it is a start.


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