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Friday, October 24, 2003

Office 2003 launch

I went to Office 2003, SBS 2003 and Exchange 2003 launch a couple of days ago. The event itself was rather flamboyant. They mounted it to look like some kind of military operation: "Operation Workplace Freedom". Almost every Microsoft employee was wearing uniforms, marching, shouting orders, obeying... Disgusting. Ok, maybe I am being too INTP ;) It was, after all, a marketing event to cheer up Microsoft partners. I like the products themselves a lot, and I really like what Microsoft does for their partners. I think the company often struggles not to betray their partners and developers, even when they are so fierce with competitors. But I hate it when they make difficult to tear up the marketing stuff and get to the real meat. I'd love to go to the PDC that's it, but I can't. Or maybe this guy is right and PDC doesn't worth it? Nahhh, no way.


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