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Sunday, October 26, 2003

Heh, I am back...

Looking at the left pane in blogger's main page the title of a blog catch my eye: Figuraciones. Immediately I guessed this guy likes some of the same musicians as me (like Luis Alberto Spinetta), and probably some of the same writers (like Julio Cortazar). I spent around 10 minutes reading his blog. I don't know his name, I only know he is Argentinean like me, he lives in Buenos Aires (I never did), he seems to be younger (I was too), he seems to be studying philosophy or sociology (as I did for two years) and he likes Jean Paul Sartre (I do). His blog is in Spanish. His blog is way cool! It makes me regret a little my decision to blog in English.

I am playing with this idea: Besides his originality, this guy is at some point not to different in his decision three as I was in 1989. So if he does things differently (in example, he succeeds in his sociology studies or whatever he is studying, and he writes his blog in Spanish), then nobody will miss if I didn't. It is a very difficult "thinking/feeling" to explain: It's as if the Universe has been in balance all the time even I when I made those decisions. Add the feeling that I am less alone to this.


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