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Wednesday, November 26, 2003

What is wrong with Google

Of course I love to google and I google more times a day than I breathe. The Internet wouldn't be what it is without Google.

Even when I am a dittohead, I can swear I don't get rewarded for bashing Google in anyway, not in this world, nor in geeks heaven. I am not actually going to bash Google. I am about to voice a very personal complain.

Some posts ago I talked about Peter Golde accountring for his position in Google after searching for Golde. It occurred to me today to search for "Diego Vega". I cannot find my blog and I have passed position #600 in my search. Of course if I look for "Microsoft Dittohead" I come in position #18.

What is wrong about that is that I own my name. I am Diego Vega, or at least I am claiming to be Diego Vega. I also write a public blog using Blogger which is a company that "blongs" to Google. I assume this fact should give them enough metadata to know I am Diego Vega. It is ok for me if I see “DJ Diego Vega� before my blog entry. It is ok if I see Anthony Hopkins or even Douglas Fairbanks or Guy Williams before me (they all played "Don Diego de la Vega" in different versions of "Zorro"). But I think my blog should appear before something like "I love Suzanne Vega, and I live in San Diego".

Pagerank is a pretty clever and useful heuristic. It just has room for improvement I guess. I am aware of the semantic web and the very smart people that are both against and in favor of it. But I think I am asking about something simpler.

Of course I have a secret plan to get in the top 10!


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