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Monday, November 03, 2003

More on VB.NET refactoring

I have just read this in AddressOf which is G. Andrew Duthie blog. I sent this comment:

How old is the term blog? What about the verb google? I think "refactor" is a really cool term, and many know what it means already. They ones that don't know will learn, and will be able to discuss with Java, Smalltalk and even with C# developers about it in cofee breaks. However, I am open to hear what the VB.NET team comes with.

I also think that having some consistence in the IDE among different languages is a good thing. That is one of the principles behind Visual Studio. What if the VB.NET team decided to rename the file menu to something else? Maybe they come up with something better than File, but there is some value in sticking to File.

Besides, even if VB is a different language and it doesn't need to be consistent with C# or Java, it is not such a different programing model. That is the reason the wish list for refactoring tools is the same.



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