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Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Naming products

Mr. John Montgomery himself asks What to Call "Avalon," "WinFS," etc?. I though it was my chance to be bave and pretend I know what I am talking about. Here are my comments:

Comment One:
Maybe the repented marketing guys at MS would be too scared to do this, but I think it is exactly the right time to start naming those things with the .NET suffix. Last time Microsoft got in the .NET naming frenzy it messed it up by calling .NET some things that had nothing to do with the CLR. But then you have VS.NET, ADO.NET and ASP.NET that are IMHO cool and very clear names. They have meaning too. Those names denote the .NET way to do things that are already familiar for experienced developers and informed newbies. I would probably call Avalon GDI.NET and WinFS NTFS.NET (or maybe WFS.NET). WinFx is probably something that doesn't really need to have a new name since it is, in my view, not much more than.NET Framework version 3. Going even further: Don't you think Yukon is the real SQL Server .NET and Longhorn the proverbial Windows .NET?

Comment two:
On the other hand, I also love the idea of naming those things exactly as their corresponding namespaces :)


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