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Monday, March 22, 2004


I have just came to this article in ABCNEWS on programing outsourcing in the USA. It says that a job that in USA costs US $ 80.000 would cost only US $ 40.000 overseas. This is completely ridiculous. Verizon International Teleservices is recruiting sennior java developers here in the Dominican Republic for less than US $ 12.000 a year. Of course Latinamericans are probably not as prepared and disciplined as Indians (I should know because I am a latinamerican), but US $ 40.000 were the Indians best bargain, outsourcing would be moving in masses here. We are much closer.

By reading my previous paragraph you can get the wrong idea about my view of these facts. My possition is that this all sucks and it has always sucked, for everybody. I don't think that people being exploited or underpayed is fair, I don't think that moving to a country to become a second class citizen is fair, and I don't think that people loosing their jobs in their own country is fair.

I guess an ideal situation would be to have a more leveled playing field across the world, but this seems to be impossible, even with the technology we have today. LOL, I think I will ask for it in my blog anyway!


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