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Monday, March 01, 2004

If it isn't idiocy and bigotry, why defacing Clemens Vasters' blog?

Update: My apologize to Matthew for thinking the worst. Clemens' site was stumbling yesterday, maybe because of traffic coming from everywhere, but mostly from Slashdot. So, I was way way wrong.

If this is what I believe, then I cannot believe how stupid fanaticism is. I try to go to Clemens Vasters blog but I get redirected to some Matthew Mastracci's answer to Clemens. It is here. The answer seems perfectly normal, but why am I being redirected? So the problem with having a rational conversation about some subjects is that there are too many trolls already in the room.

So guys, if you just love to share, why do you care so much if others don't always do? Please, stop the religious war. Perhaps you might understand what "free" really means.