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Friday, March 05, 2004

Another one on Susan Dumais' work

How deep does the rabbit hole goes? I began reading some interesting XAML on GNOME opinion trough OSNews and I end up again on this article one some of Susan's group projects: implicitly queries, Stuff I've Seen, and Memory Landmarks. All sounds as insanely great stuff.

Ok, I knew she knows better than me, but this is almost humiliating! ;) This renders my entry about using WinFS to improve My Favorites completely stupid!

She also talks in the article about people inside Microsoft that has got used to SIS and don't create folders for their files anymore. She even has a name for what I do in My Stuff folder (only I have been doing it from too early): Flatland.

Susan, if you ever see this blog and you are looking for external beta testers, please, count me in. Ok, and if you read this blog before you start external testing, I hope you will be able to use SIS to find me again.

P.S. to Susan: Do you ever use Google to search for your name? I am already in the 59th place.

P.S. 2: Nat Friedman says Microsoft is bitting Implicit queries from his own Dashboard project. He has actually some cool things to show. Wouldn't Visual Studio .NET Dynamic Help be previous work?


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