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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

MSDN Survey

Today I filled a survey for MSDN. It included a long list of features that MSDN could eventually implement, and asked me to assess the value of each of them.

I also filled a free text field in the survey with my magnificent prose:
I wonder myself if MSDN should really try to be all things to everybody as the comprehensive list of potential features contained in this survey suggest.

On one hand it would be interesting to see all of this integrated under the same roof, with users/developers having their profiles and avatars, workspace tools, discussion forums, the chance to publish their own content, and even a social network inside MSDN.

But at the same time those features seem to be in good hands on non-Microsoft sites (SourceForge, CodeProject, etc), while others are doing well on other Microsoft sites
(GotDotNet, Channel9, etc.).

It is a little bit of a philosophical question, but can MSDN “embrace and extend” the concept of “developer community” without killing the “community” part of it?

Well, if you have plenty of resources, just implement all of this and then wait to see if developers come.


  • i have to try this one first, ei, nice inforative site.. pass by mine sometime. - Later!

    By Anonymous anthony, at 1:58 AM  

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