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Saturday, December 04, 2004

MSN Spaces Censorship

I am sure it is not the case with my never available MSN Space, but I have had some fun reading this article about how MSN Spaces censors the title of your blog. The funny part is that "Butt Sex is Awesome" got in unnoticed, while "Lolita is a novel by Vladimir Nabokov" (perhaps the problem is that Nobokov is misspelled?) was rejected.

I understand the root of the problem is that computers made with current technology lack common sense. Actually, if Marvin Minsky is listening, he could add this new case as a good example of it.

Practically speaking what I think would be a good solution would be to let you mark your space as adult oriented and have some basic mechanism to keep minors out, the same way MSN Groups and Yahoo Groups do, and the same way Yahoo Profiles and MSN Contact Cards do.

By the way, I want to send some warm greetings to my dear and young cousin Vladimir Novikov. I have just remembered you ;) If you look for your name in the Internet anytime soon, I hope you will find this page. And see you on January!


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