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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Tropical Storm Nine

While Buzz Bruggeman is expecting to blog about his second hurricane on Sunday, I am still hopping this will be the second false alarm I blog about (first was Odette last year). Look at the pictures of Tropical Depression 9 I copied from Weather Underground.

Now let me tell you I live in Hispaniola, that big island to the east of Cuba. Now look at this historical chart.

Scary, isn't it? It shows at least one hurricane with a similar path visiting my neighborhood. I cannot see that storm name, but it could be George. So, if it keeps its current direction and grows, it is expected to become a tropical storm on Friday and a Category 1 Hurricane on Sunday. At a first glance I would say it could be on my same longitude by next Thursday.
In any case, good luck Buzz!


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