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Friday, September 17, 2004

A9: Competition to Microsoft's "Stuff I have Seen" from Amazon

I have just discovered A9 in my referrers statistics and I haven't still started using it, but for what I see, it really sounds interesting. An excerpt from the site: personalizes your search experience by remembering your searches and giving you easy access to all your history in several ways:

  • Each web search result indicates whether it's new [ New ] or has previously been clicked on [ Clicked 2 weeks ago ]. [learn more]

  • Every search you performed on is stored in the History column and organized by time. You can switch between your previous searches and the sites you've visited. With the A9 Toolbar, the list of all sites you have visited is accessible the same way.

  • If you open the history column on a search result page, it will give you search results of your own history followed by a list of your entire history (as well as from your bookmarks and diary…). [learn more]

  • Try it out:

I guess I will be using A9's toolbar instead of Google's for a while.


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