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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Something crazy about having a counter here

Now I can see where the last references to my blog come from. That helped me once discover Buttercup was reading my blog regularly.

I also see that every time I post I get tons of views from the "fresh blogs" links in the Blogger front page.

Something I find really crazy: I got lots of hits directly from Google. People looking for things like "dotnet specific design patterns" or other things you won't find authoritative information about inhere.

I understand that PageRank is not more than just a simple, quick, clever, great heuristic. But I couldn't have guessed it looked like this from the stand point of "the guy being searched".

Because Google apparently uses no metric of the "closeness" of the words in the text, when you type something like "dotnet specific design patterns" you will get pages that contain all these words, in PageRank order, but notwithstanding if they are one thousand sentences one of the other.

Whoever wants to really beat Google, will need to invent and even more clever, but still manageable heuristic.

Yet, on the embarrassing side, some hits I got come from misspelled searches on Google like "Lonhorn Avalon" and "Accident Esay". Shame on me and shame on you! :)


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