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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Priority International Shipping

When I bough my MCSD training kit from Books a Million I paid for Priority International Shipping . My order was completed and sent via UPS on January the 19th.

The delivery was supposed to take between 6 and 9 business days. But because I am really close to the United States, it took only 4 days for the books to get to this city.

Of course my books have gone from "WAREHOUSED, PENDING RELEASE BY CLR AGENCY" to "PACKAGE IN CLEARANCE PROCESS" and then to "HOLD FOR FUTURE DELIVERY" since then. After 16 days (or 12 business days) I am still waiting for them to arrive to my home.

According to the very polite UPS personnel, "HOLD FOR FUTURE DELIVERY" means the package is still being "processed" by customs, which could be true. So, maybe they are still deciding which rate is applicable to educational books. Of course, to me that is difficult to find out for me because the National Customs Administration site is all under heavy construction!

I am so used to living in the third world that it almost doesn't bother me anymore.


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