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Sunday, July 24, 2005

A Little of Feedback for Virtual Earth

UPDATE: After playing with it a little, I see some of my feedback is irrelevant. For instance, the scratchpad serves as a link collection (I don't know if you can persist it).
UPDATE 2: I am ashamed. I wish my English was better, and that I had enough time to correct this a little bit. I tend to correct my posts a few days after.

Just a few crazy ideas I am filling on VirtualEarth feedback forms:

What do you like about this design for Virtual Earth?

  • The general look is good. Labels, signs, panes, and the images themselves look great.
  • Mouse wheel support rocks!

What can we improve about this design for Virtual Earth?

  • I would like to have the option to see planet Earth as a globe instead of the projection, but this is impossible to implemente on DHTML, isn't it?
  • I would like to be able to search for a place based on cordinates.
  • I would like to be able to enter my exact cordinates in "Locate me" and maybe save a cookie.
  • Then I would like the "Locate me" button to change to a split button/drop-down, labeled "My locations", so I can go to my location on a single click.
  • Further, itegration with Passport should bring the ability to persist multiple preset locations to a server database.

What kinds of information would you like to see on Virtual Earth?

  • I would like it to be very extensible. For instance I would like to be able to subscribe to some kind of location web services or xml file, the same way today you subscribe to an RSS feeds on an aggregator.
  • Then any website could publish a geocoded file or web service (in case there are too many points to map), for instance, for its branch offices, or whatever makes sense to put on a map.
  • Ideally those points should be taken and rendered at the browser.
  • This could help information from other sources to be added to the map. For instance, blogs from FeedMap.
  • Going even further, integration with passport should allow some of those geocoding feeds to be saved on a server, for later display.
  • I could even like seeing the current location of my MSN contacts.

Anything else you'd like to tell us?

  • I am impressed with Virtual Earth. However, it is a little sad that in this first iteration the zoom levels for most cities I have lived in, are even poorer that on Google Maps, Google Earth or NASA's World Wind.


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