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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Fascinated by AJAX

I know I am not early to the party, but it is on purpose. I refused to blog about this before because I don't want to give anybody the false impression that I am a cool geek.

Anyway, I am seeing more and more AJAX (Asyncronous Javascript and XML, more less)applications emerge, and I since yesterday I see some AJAX in my future.

I am glad someone (yes, Microsoft, but also some independent developers) have listened to the call for an abstraction layer that will enable all of us to create richer experiences in Web applications.

By the way, Google is cool, but Microsoft has made some of the best AJAX applications I have ever seen. It just came to my mind the day I found MSDN replaced its Java based content tree with a DHTML based one. I am not sure this is AJAX as we conceive it today, but how many years ago was that? Six? And when did they come up with DHTML, eight years ago?

Now that I saw the light, I am really looking forward for Project Atlas.


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