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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Microsoft's own "rave": Visual Studio 2005 Express

Microsoft keeps surprising us developers with great news in every confference (well, news leaked out a few days before the TechEd Europe). The idea is extremely interesting, and it is obviously a big hit. Right now once you have downloaded the 2 1/2 MB loaders it is almost impossible to get any of the beta code. Download servers must be being taken by storm.

I read somwhere that John said the tools cost will be in the tens of dollars range (asides from SQL Server Express that will be free as MSDE is today). This puts Vistual Studio 2005 Express to compete not only with free tools but with Sun's Java Studio Creator, which apparently will be out really soon for 99 dollars.

Ok, I know... Everybody that cares already knows all this. I should blog instead about my cat... If I only had one.


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