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Sunday, January 18, 2004

Mysteries of the mind

I have catched myself "mindblogging" very often in the last days. It could either be because I am suffering from severe blogging deprive, or maybe it is just that my brain go used to blogging as a healthy day recap excercise.

Those mindblogging episodes usually occur in the night on bed, just before I get to sleep. Sometimes I would get up and run to the computer if I weren't so lazy, and if I weren't so much afraid of waking my wife up ;).

My mindblogging is done completely in English wich is not my mother's tongue and which is not the language of my residence country. It is just my blogging language. This reminds me of a belief I have always had, that I have a different personality depending on the language I think or speak on.

I remember I once read a little esay by José Ortega y Gasset (a Spanish phylosopher wose ideas I usually like a lot, but whom I have never read by myself beyond this esay). He said something about mastering ones language as a prerequisite to dominate ones own mind. I wonder how close conciusness and language areas are in my brain, because I don't really master English, so I guess when I am thinking in English I must be pretty limited.

I will try to remember some of the blog entries I made these days on my "very personal computer".

Ok, the moral of the story is that I need to blog, and I need to do it sitted in front of the computer or big chunks of bad English prose won't ever do it from my mind to cyberspace.


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