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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Note to self: Always use Windows Live Writer

I admit that I do much editing of my posts post-publishing. This is specially true for a post like the last one, in which I try to explain a fairly complex idea with my rudimentary English.

But I usually need to look at the finished post on the actual blog layout to detect most errors and readability problems. So, the process usually goes like this: I open my blog in the browser and start reading. When I find something I want to change, I open the Blogger page in other window and start correcting it. Unfortunately, Blogger's editing pane won't grow enough to give me a good view of the text I am editing. Another annoyance is that the spell checking won't always work because of pop-up blockers.

I had tried Windows Live Writer before and I was somewhat impressed, but it was today that I really began to appreciate the difference.

What I like the most about it:

  1. WYSIWYG, full-screen editing.
  2. Managing multiple blogs (it supports most blogging platforms).
  3. Integrated spell checker.
  4. Paste special/Thinned HTML.

There is no reason I will use Blogger's user interface again to post a new entry.


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