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Friday, November 04, 2005

I haven't blogged for a while, but yes, I am following the Live thing

I am a feeling far from this blogging thing lately, as I have been very busy at work, and tired at home. Anyway, I must say I have been following the new Live theme Microsoft has announced.

I am really surprised that some see this as a desperate move. I think the opposite, that Microsoft is proving to be the big company that could. The one that can find a solution for the scalability problem that delivering a new version of Windows is, and at the same time is agile enough to own and (by the way, I like this domain very much, I hope the will keep it).

Only time will tell.

On the specific details, I hope the Favorites feature will someday sport some of the features I described in this old post: My favorites: A killer application for WinFS?

By the way, I noticed in my referrals that the other day someone from Microsoft Research was reading that article. Whoever it was, I hope he/she found it somewhat interesting. Specially if it was Susan Dumais.

PS: And Susan, thanks for your email regarding Stuff I have Seen availability.


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