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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Star Wars Episode III

After reading all the critics I was sure I was to hate this movie. But I was wrong.

For instance I read from the critics that the dialogs were unspeakable. The movie is an epic story, a tragedy, about ancient alien civilizations. So, what do you expect to hear, accent and manners from Missouri, Shakespeare? Dialogs are ok.

They say that scenes in which Padmé and Anakin are alone together are impossible to believe. In my opinion this is not true. I think they show what the movie demands, which is a woman loving a deeply troubled guy. Natalie Portman makes the most of her role, which is just the right size. Ewan McGregor does such a great Obi-Wan, Alec Guinness himself would love it. Hayden Christensen is not bad as Anakin, I don't know what the problem is supposed to be. That he looks weak of temper, uncarismatic, sometimes pathetic? I think that is exactly the idea.

Not to insult the actors, but do you really remember how the first movie was? I mean, Episode IV? It was a joke compared to this movie, the acting (besides Harrison Ford and Alec Guinness), the effects (I actually don't care much about FX)... In general, the execution was amateur compared to this movie.

I am not too fond of the science fiction genre, but I think Star Wars is ok because it is an epic story at the same time. My favorites are Episode II, III and V and I wish Geroge Lucas had the time and the wish to make Episode I and VI again, but without the darn critters.

I am looking forward to "Episode III and a half" wich I am almost sure Lucas has in mind. More on Obi-Wan and Han Solo story maybe?

Well, I saw the movie today. Let's wait until tomorrow to see what happens.


  • Calling Star Wars (any of the movies) science fiction is like calling "Married with Children" a compelling, deep drama.

    Science fiction is Azimov and Clarke and Heinlein. 2001,

    That doesn't mean the Star Wars stuff isn't entertaining or compelling or even good. It's just not even close to being science fiction.

    By Blogger Adam Lasnik, at 7:43 PM  

  • Well Adam... Actually, I must say I agree with you! I have read much from Asimov and Clarke and that is closer to my concept of science fiction. Star Wars is only science fiction in the same loose sense as The Hitchhickers Guide to the Galaxy is, and I think "The Guide" even more entretaining. So, what genre is this?

    By Blogger Diego, at 8:53 PM  

  • I detect some possible contradiction between my post and my comment. I actually like some science fiction, but I am very picky. Also, I think very often books are better than movies.

    By Blogger Diego, at 10:58 PM  

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