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Sunday, October 17, 2004

Bug found in Clint Eastwood's Mystic River

We have just finished watching Mystic River on DVD, and I think maybe I found an error:

The actors that do the roles of the kids Jimmy and Sean seem to be swaped in the opening scene. I say it because Jimmy has red hair when he is a kid and black hair when he is an adult. Sean has black hair when he is a kid and red hair when he is an adult. Even their haircuts seem to be exactly what they should be if they were each other.

But there is still another posibility: Maybe Clint Eastwood decided to play a subtle joke. Let's think the three guys were abducted and they are in the basement dreaming about what their lifes would have been haven't they got in that car, as Sean suggests near the end of the movie. Wouldn't it be possible that Sean and Jimmy admired each other so much that they dreamed about themselves with each other's faces?

Anyway, a very good movie.

PS: Does this make me a good software tester?


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