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Friday, August 27, 2004

Does blogging make sense?

Lately, I cannot find anything compelling enough to blog about. It could be because my general mood: it is also becoming difficult for me to talk with people about trivial subjects. The most prevalent feeling I have these days seems to be that I know too little about too much. Besides, I happen to be introverted. So why should I find pleasure in blogging?

Let's try to do the tick of blogging just for the sake of it. I will begin with a recollection of some things that have happend to me these days.

Last happy moment: Today in the Olympic games Argentina won 89 - 81 over the USA "dream team" in basketball. Tomorrow the insolent team representing my country will try to get the Olympic gold medal, for the first time ever. Congratulations Manu and all, you made me cry! By the way Manu, what about transofming your "NEWS by Manu" site in a full fledged blog? Right now, it is so close to a blog that it hurts!

Last enlightment: Rich people spend their lives acquiring assets, while poor and middle class people usually acquire liabilities in the belief their are assets. I readed this a week ago in the spanish version of Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. I guess I am just following Chris Sells' lead in my attempt to be a geek that understands money.


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