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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

As I said, where is WinFS?

Well, actually, here it is, on all its glory, and of course, alive and kicking:

Another piece of feedback was concerns over the WinFS api’s being a different data access pattern than our existing managed code data access APIs. Further, that our APIs were not aligned with broader data platform needs like OR mapping. This was a big one, and as you explore the SDK and the APIs, you will see the beginnings of how we will be addressing this. We are in the process of building-out the next version of ADO.NET to have new features that provide a data model, object-relational mapping, and flexible query infrastructure. The new data model is about entities, and the WinFS data model of Item types is built on that model. Looking through our SDK and code samples you will see how Items are composed of underlying entities. OR mapping is a big requirement - WinFS is a very prescribed mapping (defining a type in WinFS generates both the underlying storage schema and the partial class to program to that type). But the real-world has lots of requirements for flexible mapping – to existing data, to existing objects, etc. On query, many of you have heard about Anders Hejlsberg’s work on Language Integrated Query – and the new ADO.NET functionality will plug directly underneath so that you can use the new query patterns on any entity data, including of course now WinFS Items.
So, my personal understanding is that ObjectSpaces and C-Omega evolved and became the Integrated Query Framework, which is tightly integrated wth the CLR and the .NET languages. At the same time WinFS will be built on that, instead of using previous technology.
So, I guess part of the reason WinFS was delayed was they found that it made more sense to wait and get it right from the beginning. Then, I am grateful!

Monday, August 29, 2005

So, it wasn't that boring, Luca!

I was wondering what Luca Bolognese was really doing in the C# Team after Microsoft apparently ditched ObjectSpaces.

Now that the name of .NET Language Integrated Query Framework has come out, I think it could be the coolest piece of software of 2006. I mean the coolest piece of software for us doing database related development.

And now, what happened really to WinFS? Suddenly the pieces are fitting in place.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Blog Depression Booklet


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I found this PDF file through Scoble. It is actually fun, but also nice and consoling and an even more fun way. The darn whole paragraph stinks!

It is the first time I have the notion idea (you really like cursi words, don't you?) that probably every blogger feels its his/her blog sucks. Its? yeah, I know what you mean... It is not that it had me too worried! It has been a while since I decided I would just let my blogging flow. ...And it shows!