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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Doing tourism in my own country

Today I ate a delicious Bife Chorizo (New York Strip) for only 8 dollars! With everybody out of the city on vacation, Buenos Aires is a nice place to walk. So I am burning a lot of calories while whistling "Puerto Madero".

However, I am missing my family too much to enjoy it more. I am bored, and tired. Right now, I am in a cyber in Florida Street, paying around 0.33 dollars an hour for a broadband connection. I plan to walk, buy some Argentinean books and also some music.

Regarding music, I would like to know what is new and good. Regarding literature, my education ended before I finished reading all Cortazar's and Soriano work, so it is hard to choose something to read. There are many other names I am interested in, like Artl, Borges, Bioy Casares, Sábato, but I know I am forgetting many more. It doesn't even have to be an Argentinean author. Darn, I have received a lot of advice lately about new things to read, but I just have bad memory...

Ok, I think I will stay here and read Figuraciones for a while. I am sure I share a lot with Juan Alberto regarding tastes, so I will take his word as advice.